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About DSGW Architecture

After 85 years, we still believe that no matter where you live and work, every community deserves great architecture. The best buildings reflect the character of a region whether it’s in a rural or urban area. We excel at collaborating, listening, and designing to enrich communities. Our firm’s culture is a foundation for our long-term success. We have high regard for respect – it’s how we show we care. It’s why we pay attention to the details and go the extra mile to understand our communities and plan with love and care. Without respect, there is no vision, there is no compassionate design. It is our commitment to serve as advocates. We advocate for intuitive environments that are healthy, impactful and functional. Great architecture is built from respect.

DSGW is at the Forefront of Healthcare and Wellness Design. We have a strong healthcare/senior living practice, allowing us to understand and anticipate the constant change of healthcare delivery. We strongly believe in Wellness Design, a philosophy to design buildings to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of both public and staff. Our team of experts helped to develop quality healthcare architecture codes on a national level that are now industry standards. We believe they are more than just buildings; they are healing spaces.

With decades of experience working with educational systems such as public and independent K-12 schools, community colleges and state universities, our team designs schools that retain their unique identities while also enriching the neighborhoods around them. So much of students’ long-term success comes down to the space in which they’re learning. Educational settings must be healthy, balanced, sustainable, and positive in order to promote enthusiasm and active participation. Creating those settings starts by engaging administrators, educators, students, community members, and stakeholders. DSGW specializes in feasibility studies, facility assessments, referendum support, and long-range planning, new school construction, additions, renovations, and programming.

For more than 40 years, DSGW has worked with Indigenous communities to plan, design, and build destination venues and casinos. We’ve found the best outcomes emerge after listening to and incorporating the diverse ideas of others. With all the possible destinations out there, bringing the same guests back over and over again is no easy task. But it is a fun one. With each project, our designers aim to provide guests with a unique, memorable experience that pulls them back the moment they leave.

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