Boundless Security Systems, Inc.

261 S. Main St., Unit #285
Newtown, CT 06470-2393

About Boundless Security Systems, Inc.

Boundless specializes in ultra low bandwidth, cellular wireless, outdoor digital video surveillance. Our new, small, low power, high definition, 5 MP Covert Cellular Smart Micro-PTZ Camera with Stranger Detector(TM) locating system saves 500 GB/month and avoids need for AC power, continuously running two weeks on an external, 12V 125AH LiFePO4 battery. Key product features are:

* ease of installation and use
* remote access via Internet and cellular network to live and internally recorded video, Stranger Detector™ locating system, and control of uPTZ camera
* high definition (1920x1080) H.264 and MP4 video accessible via browser and http
* dual-stream: default configuration is highly compressed, 960x540 live and recorded for monitoring, PTZ control and accelerated review of recordings, and sharper, 1920x1080 recorded for evidence. Note: two recorded streams, one live stream.
* very low power
* patent-pending, Stranger Detector(TM) locating system
* 256 GB internal storage

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